The World According to Fudge

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by to read my first ever blog! I’m Fudge and I love life! Everything is lovely in my world, I love my Mom, I love my Dad and I love being fussed and told how lovely I am!

Things have been a bit funny in our home recently ‘cos we’ve had a new cat come to stay. Personally I’d rather she wasn’t here as it’s making my sister, Bramble , go a bit fruit loop, if you know what I mean, but actually I think she’s ok, if a bit ‘jumpy’ – don’t get that myself ‘cos everything is lovely here, but not all cats were born the same, thankfully (Iknow I’m extra speciallylovely, or so I’m told 🙂 ), otherwise  we might not be so fascinating to humans!

So, I just thought I should put my paw onto the iPad and write a few things down and maybe tomorrow I’ ll get the chance to tell you all about my dreams, as I’m a big dreamer and love to tell everyone what’s been drifting through my thoughts. So, nite nite everyone, sleep tight and I’ll chat with you tomorrow purrrr X



The world according to Rosie…4

Morning Everyone,

Oh, I had an AMAZING night last night – ‘new mom’ and her partner were out for the day and Fudge and The Alpha Assasin had somehow wangled the time out in the sunshine, whilst I was left in on my own! (didn’t mind actually ‘cos I had a whole day to sleep and beautify myself – luxury!) When they got back, we had supper and of course The Alpha Assasin was fretting at my bedroom door – she’s so stupid – doesn’t she realise there’s NO WAY she can get in (as long as ‘new mom’ keeps it shut that is!)

There was something on the TV – London 2012, whatever that is – lots of shouting and excitedness coming from the commentators – although I do like that @clarebalding1 person, personally, I think she’d like cats … or maybe she’s more of a dog person….hmmm… anyway, where was I?, oh yes, so ‘new mom’ comes in and asked me if I’d ‘like to go out for a bit of fresh air?’ Would I ever?

Of course, I can’t let her know that I’m that eager so I do my …. ‘let me think about that, look the opposite direction to the door, walk a few paces then go the other way, and swish my tail (looking good – spent an hour on it so it fluffs up exquisitely) before sashaying past her without so much as a ‘bye’ and then contain my excitement until she can’t see me anymore before exploding with joy and scampering off down to the ‘secret garden’ at the back …..

The world according to Rosie …3

Just a quick update – had a lovely time today, been out all day with Fudge, my new BFF, and no fighting!! ‘New Mom’ is delighted and has promised I can come into the living room thing evening for some ‘quality time’ together … can’t wait, my claws need a bit of refining and the sofa’s in there are great for that …. just need to avoid that squirty thing that showers me everytime I do it ….. what’s that all about?

oh, and guess what?  I got a ‘Twitter Account’ today – @RosiePBC if you fancy following me, although don’t get too close ‘cos as I said, I’m pretty good with my paws and you don’t want a dab now do you?

The world according to Rosie…2

So, I got waylaid in my ‘learning to blog’, despite the fact that ‘blogging’ had been suggested to me that it might be a good way to ‘get things off my chest’ as it were, you know, a kind of ‘cat therapy’ … huh?

So, had ANOTHER fight with that oaf, Bramble …. you’d never believe she was a she at all ….talk about Alpha female …. at my old home I was the Alpha female…ok, so there was only one of me, not three, and there weren’t so many cats around anyway (what is it with this area, there are cats everywhere – I feel like a feline Jason Bourne, trying not to be discovered till I’ve got the lay of the land ….) but really … problem with her is it doesn’t just stop at the handbags at dawn stage…. claws ….teeth …. and OMG, the NOISE …. talk about yowling – she positively hounded me down …. IN MY OWN ROOM* … well, I had to defend myself, didn’t I – couldn’t be seen to be backing down AND in actual fact, I am the larger of the two, albeit mostly what I have is fur …. beautiful fur at that, which I REALLY don’t want ruffling up, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Anyway, panic ensued and in the flying fur and spilt water (part of my room service, see *below), Bramble, or as she will be known from now on in, ‘The Alpha Assasin’ (or AA when I’m pushed for time) got scooped up in the MOST undignified way, and was ceremoniously dumped in the dustbin and had the lid permanently shut with superglue – OK, I made that bit up, but if I had my way, that’s how it would have happened …..

So, my ‘new mom’s’ in-laws came round last night, and ‘granny’ (O…M….G!) was there, the human who came round to feed me and the ‘other two’ (Fudge and The Alpha Assasin) when new mom and ‘dad’ / ‘new dad’ -? (only ever had a mom, so is it dad or new dad?)  ….anyway, they went away and abandoned us for the night – Harumph! – something about going up a mountain in whales – obviously somewhere by the sea, but seems a bit fishy to me, leaving us like that, anyway ….

What a Brilliant Result!

Did my, ‘look at me, aren’t I gorgeous … flutter flutter, sashay across the floor thing….’  ;-D

Heard ‘Granny’ describing the experience last night to the others ….”it was like Muhammad Ali at his best …. two hooks with the right paw followed swiftly with an overhand with the left … and the darn animal kept grabbing my ankles and holding on …. didn’t draw blood but not far off!”

HaHa, was V funny, but if humans will keep mucking me around, what do they expect?! Didn’t mean to hurt her, was only a bit of play really …. and I did quite like the tickle behind the ears …. reminds me of being back at home ….

* My Room. Actually, it’s (or was) ‘new mom’s’ dining room. Very nice. French doors onto the garden (thoughtful), en-suite litter facilities – none of this tray malarky, all enclosed, scent free mod cons, great scratching rug (not sure it was designed for that but ….) and room service morning and evening, with fresh linen and cleaning daily – really couldn’t ask for more.Apparently it was thought of as a ‘temporary measure’ until we all made friends and could mingle quite happily. Clearly my new mom is deluded …. like thats, EVER going to happen …

The world according to Rosie

Gosh, little did I think only 10 weeks ago that I’d be living in London, with my ‘sister’, (albeit she’s human) and writing a blog! ( whatever that is – learning curve might need to be a bit steep!)

My world has been turned upside down since my Mom died, (again, another human) and although I haven’t been abandoned like some in my position, everything is very strange, not made any better by that stupid idiot, Bramble (more of her later), and Fudge, who’s ok, I suppose, but things would be better if neither of them were around.

My human sister, who insists on calling me her ‘new mom’, has also lost her mom, as they were one and the same – don’t be confused, it will all make sense at some point soon, just bear with me.

We’ve both been a bit ‘ up and down’ as humans describe it, (probably both more down than up if the truth be known) but according to some, I’m supposedly like that all the time! Apparently, I’m a ‘typical tortie’ whatever that is, and I’ve been called ‘prickly’!!! PRICKLY!! Isn’t that what ALL cats are like? Of course, that stupid Bramble isn’t prickly, she’s just stupid, and Fudge, well, she seems quite a nice cat, and under other circumstances maybe we’d tolerate one another, but as the claws have been drawn, I have to show who’s top cat and head Bramble off at the pass…..