The world according to Rosie

Gosh, little did I think only 10 weeks ago that I’d be living in London, with my ‘sister’, (albeit she’s human) and writing a blog! ( whatever that is – learning curve might need to be a bit steep!)

My world has been turned upside down since my Mom died, (again, another human) and although I haven’t been abandoned like some in my position, everything is very strange, not made any better by that stupid idiot, Bramble (more of her later), and Fudge, who’s ok, I suppose, but things would be better if neither of them were around.

My human sister, who insists on calling me her ‘new mom’, has also lost her mom, as they were one and the same – don’t be confused, it will all make sense at some point soon, just bear with me.

We’ve both been a bit ‘ up and down’ as humans describe it, (probably both more down than up if the truth be known) but according to some, I’m supposedly like that all the time! Apparently, I’m a ‘typical tortie’ whatever that is, and I’ve been called ‘prickly’!!! PRICKLY!! Isn’t that what ALL cats are like? Of course, that stupid Bramble isn’t prickly, she’s just stupid, and Fudge, well, she seems quite a nice cat, and under other circumstances maybe we’d tolerate one another, but as the claws have been drawn, I have to show who’s top cat and head Bramble off at the pass…..


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