The world according to Rosie…2

So, I got waylaid in my ‘learning to blog’, despite the fact that ‘blogging’ had been suggested to me that it might be a good way to ‘get things off my chest’ as it were, you know, a kind of ‘cat therapy’ … huh?

So, had ANOTHER fight with that oaf, Bramble …. you’d never believe she was a she at all ….talk about Alpha female …. at my old home I was the Alpha female…ok, so there was only one of me, not three, and there weren’t so many cats around anyway (what is it with this area, there are cats everywhere – I feel like a feline Jason Bourne, trying not to be discovered till I’ve got the lay of the land ….) but really … problem with her is it doesn’t just stop at the handbags at dawn stage…. claws ….teeth …. and OMG, the NOISE …. talk about yowling – she positively hounded me down …. IN MY OWN ROOM* … well, I had to defend myself, didn’t I – couldn’t be seen to be backing down AND in actual fact, I am the larger of the two, albeit mostly what I have is fur …. beautiful fur at that, which I REALLY don’t want ruffling up, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Anyway, panic ensued and in the flying fur and spilt water (part of my room service, see *below), Bramble, or as she will be known from now on in, ‘The Alpha Assasin’ (or AA when I’m pushed for time) got scooped up in the MOST undignified way, and was ceremoniously dumped in the dustbin and had the lid permanently shut with superglue – OK, I made that bit up, but if I had my way, that’s how it would have happened …..

So, my ‘new mom’s’ in-laws came round last night, and ‘granny’ (O…M….G!) was there, the human who came round to feed me and the ‘other two’ (Fudge and The Alpha Assasin) when new mom and ‘dad’ / ‘new dad’ -? (only ever had a mom, so is it dad or new dad?)  ….anyway, they went away and abandoned us for the night – Harumph! – something about going up a mountain in whales – obviously somewhere by the sea, but seems a bit fishy to me, leaving us like that, anyway ….

What a Brilliant Result!

Did my, ‘look at me, aren’t I gorgeous … flutter flutter, sashay across the floor thing….’  ;-D

Heard ‘Granny’ describing the experience last night to the others ….”it was like Muhammad Ali at his best …. two hooks with the right paw followed swiftly with an overhand with the left … and the darn animal kept grabbing my ankles and holding on …. didn’t draw blood but not far off!”

HaHa, was V funny, but if humans will keep mucking me around, what do they expect?! Didn’t mean to hurt her, was only a bit of play really …. and I did quite like the tickle behind the ears …. reminds me of being back at home ….

* My Room. Actually, it’s (or was) ‘new mom’s’ dining room. Very nice. French doors onto the garden (thoughtful), en-suite litter facilities – none of this tray malarky, all enclosed, scent free mod cons, great scratching rug (not sure it was designed for that but ….) and room service morning and evening, with fresh linen and cleaning daily – really couldn’t ask for more.Apparently it was thought of as a ‘temporary measure’ until we all made friends and could mingle quite happily. Clearly my new mom is deluded …. like thats, EVER going to happen …


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