The world according to Rosie…4

Morning Everyone,

Oh, I had an AMAZING night last night – ‘new mom’ and her partner were out for the day and Fudge and The Alpha Assasin had somehow wangled the time out in the sunshine, whilst I was left in on my own! (didn’t mind actually ‘cos I had a whole day to sleep and beautify myself – luxury!) When they got back, we had supper and of course The Alpha Assasin was fretting at my bedroom door – she’s so stupid – doesn’t she realise there’s NO WAY she can get in (as long as ‘new mom’ keeps it shut that is!)

There was something on the TV – London 2012, whatever that is – lots of shouting and excitedness coming from the commentators – although I do like that @clarebalding1 person, personally, I think she’d like cats … or maybe she’s more of a dog person….hmmm… anyway, where was I?, oh yes, so ‘new mom’ comes in and asked me if I’d ‘like to go out for a bit of fresh air?’ Would I ever?

Of course, I can’t let her know that I’m that eager so I do my …. ‘let me think about that, look the opposite direction to the door, walk a few paces then go the other way, and swish my tail (looking good – spent an hour on it so it fluffs up exquisitely) before sashaying past her without so much as a ‘bye’ and then contain my excitement until she can’t see me anymore before exploding with joy and scampering off down to the ‘secret garden’ at the back …..


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