The World According to Fudge

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by to read my first ever blog! I’m Fudge and I love life! Everything is lovely in my world, I love my Mom, I love my Dad and I love being fussed and told how lovely I am!

Things have been a bit funny in our home recently ‘cos we’ve had a new cat come to stay. Personally I’d rather she wasn’t here as it’s making my sister, Bramble , go a bit fruit loop, if you know what I mean, but actually I think she’s ok, if a bit ‘jumpy’ – don’t get that myself ‘cos everything is lovely here, but not all cats were born the same, thankfully (Iknow I’m extra speciallylovely, or so I’m told 🙂 ), otherwise  we might not be so fascinating to humans!

So, I just thought I should put my paw onto the iPad and write a few things down and maybe tomorrow I’ ll get the chance to tell you all about my dreams, as I’m a big dreamer and love to tell everyone what’s been drifting through my thoughts. So, nite nite everyone, sleep tight and I’ll chat with you tomorrow purrrr X



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