Thanks for coming to read our blog, psychologybycats. We’re guessing you’re either an animal lover, psychologist or are hoping for a bit of humour (‘cos those are the only categories we put up!) Or, you’re simply browsing the web and stumbled upon us!

Anyway, this is a blog written by four ‘contributors’, 3 Cats, Rosie, (@RosiePBC)’ Bramble, AKA ‘The Alpha Assassin (@BramblePBC) and Fudge (@FudgePBC) (where all the knowledge comes from), and 1 human (because humans have thumbs for the space bar), and it’s about how our world got turned upside down on 23rd April 2012.

Probably the best option is to read from the beginning, as we’ve put them in number order, but then that’s very western, left brain kind of thinking, and although, as cats, we’re obviously well placed to tell you how to do things, in this instance, it’s probably best left up to you…..

We’re happy you’re here with us, (as happy as a cat can be for humans) and paws crossed, it will all become clear what we’re rambling on about. If you already have the pleasure of  cats living with you, or know of any that are considering you as a food, roof and warm lap supplier, then maybe our little dialogues will give you an insight into the joys and frustrations cats endure living with human beings……

For more info on our contributors, please see …

Introducing Rosie

Introducing Fudge

Introducing Bramble (AKA The Alpha Assassin)


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