Real Name: Bramble

Gender: Female

Pseudonym: The Alpha Assassin

D.O.B.: Unknown, estimated 2002/03

Upbringing: Confidential till age approx 5. Re-assigned to current base in 2007. Took period of adjustment and then settled into role. Letters of commendation from commanding officers for outstanding performance in the Cat Category. Exemplary behaviour until May 2012. Verbal warning in relation to uncharacteristic behaviour towards other cats at base. Under performance management indefinately.

Description: Brindle, polydactyl – 6 toes on three paws, 5 on 1 paw (removed, damaged in action). Focused, determined, will not stop till mission is complete.

Mission: To eradicate target* from base. To make life miserable so she will want to leave. To diligently guard post (outside of said target’s temporary en-suite room – bah!) when ever possible, commanding officers notwithstanding. to be vigilant and search every potential hiding place at base (and surrounding land). To attack on sight. Unofficially LICENSED TO KILL.

Target*: Rosie, see here


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