Hi, my names Fudge and I’m about 5.  We’re not quite sure ‘cos I came from a rescue centre in Croydon and they weren’t 100% certain when I was born.  I was quite a skinny little thing then and I have grown so I know I’m not much older than that!

I came with my ‘sister’, Bramble who isn’t really my sister, and is LOADS older than me – she must be at least 9 as she’s lost a tooth recently! Think that was fighting with the new cat that’s joined us, Rosie.

Now, I know that I’m a real softie. Mom says that I’ll stand for the three card trick, and she’s right!  I love being stroked and tickled and I’m a real fusspot – nothing better than a cuddle with Mom or Dad! (Mom sits still longer so she’s the lap of choice!).

I LOVE living here, we have loads of space and lots of love and I know that people always stop and fuss me because I’m so georgeous.

I’m what people would call laissez faire, and I think that’s probably quite true, but I do have my moments, which I’m sure you’ll get to hear about!

My contributions can be found here … thanks for listening to me X

Also, if, like me, you’re a bit of a technophobe, you might not have a twitter account, but if you do, my tweets can be found here @FudgePBC


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